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Get High Quality Work Done

Who do we call when we need help around the house? You could post your need to a local Facebook page, but those things get dozens of responses, but you don’t know the motives or qualifications of the people responding.

Or you could use one of the big home services quote websites. You’ll get inundated with a bunch of phone calls from whoever are the fastest responders, not necessarily the best companies for the job.

We have a solution. The ProConnection connects homeowners with qualified local contractors and service providers here in Denver at no cost to the homeowners.

We have already done the homework for you. Take a look around and then get in touch.

How We are Different from the big quote websites

  • We have worked with these companies personally and have existing relationships with the owners. We can vouch for their service and quality of work.
  • The human made match between the project and service provider can’t be beat by automation
  • You will only be contacted by one contractor. Some of competitors will sell your lead to five or more companies.
  • Our site is cleaner and more straightforward than the competitors
  • We are local to Denver and have worked in the industry for years.

How it works

1. Look through our services to see which one meets your needs

2. Fill out a form with as much information as possible

3. Our contractor will give you a call for an initial consultation over the phone

4. If it looks like they can help, they will arrange a time to meet at your property

5. Depending on the complexity of your need, the contractor will either give you a quote on the spot or will work up a proposal in a timely manner

Our Service Offerings